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How To Start An LLC

You may be wondering…

  • Is an LLC right for your business?
  • What is an LLC and how does it work?
  • Will an LLC save you money?
  • What are some LLC pros and cons?
  • Do you need an LLC?
  • What is your legal liability with an LLC?
  • Will an LLC protect your assets?

You can protect your personal assets and limit your legal liability by forming a New York LLC for your business.

Tarshus Law Firm answers these questions and more for entrepreneurs looking to form a startup company in New York state. The firm assists with all aspects of your limited liability company (LLC) formation, starting with a detailed discussion with you about your business venture and goals. Once a clear understanding is formed about your business and plans, the firm provides personalized guidance on the best format to structure your new company, whether that be a single-member LLC, multimember LLC, or other legal entity format.

Tarshus Law Firm understands that time is money and prioritizes legal entity formations.

Most LLCs can be formed the same week and for a flat fee.

Tarshus Law Firm will handle drafting and filing the documents you need to form a New York limited liability company, your new legal entity for your business. The LLC will help protect you and your personal assets from liability.

Once your legal entity is filed, you’re in business!

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Entity Selection: Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs. S-Corporation vs. C-Corporation

Single Member and Multi Member LLCs

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Bi-Annual Certification Procedure

Compliance with New York State Business Rules and Regulations


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