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You Know Your Business. We know how to Fortify it.

Protect you and your business from future liability and risk by calling Tarshus Law Firm.  Do not put your business on the line with handshake deals or assumed agreements.  Why would you gamble your livelihood and business? 

You Know Your Business.
We Know How To Fortify It.

Whether you need to form a legal business structure, draft solid contracts, rent upscale commercial real estate or scale your company from creation to domination, Tarshus Law Firm will deliver the powerful legal guidance you need faster than anyone else.

Serving small to mid-size businesses and corporations throughout New York state, including the Buffalo-Niagara metro area and all of western New York

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Start Building Success On Day One

The best opportunity you have to protect your business, your assets and your future is during the formation of your company. This means not only creating the appropriate legal entity but also implementing suitable internal governance documents and procedures that will create sound infrastructure for your future success. We will listen to your business goals and needs, use data and creativity to optimize your legal strategy, and deliver a winning solution. Tarshus Law Firm revolutionizes the traditional law firm model by innovating through technology for client communications, document review, and execution, to efficiently handle and close out your issues so you don’t waste a minute of your precious time and can focus on your business.  At every turn, our team strives to be communicative, adaptable and creative for our clients.  

You may think you’re saving money by refraining from forming a legal entity, but you’re actually putting your family, home and other property at risk. If your company fails, or if there is a breach of contract, your personal assets are liable. It’s more expensive to prevent a legal issue than fix one. That’s why it’s important to work with an attorney and properly protect your assets as soon as you begin operating your business.

We know that trust is earned by delivering results and helping your company be successful. The story of that success begins the moment you pick up the phone and call Tarshus Law Firm.

Amplify Your Success

We have partnered with individuals at every level of corporate structure and companies of every size. Whether you’re in the process of creating your first business or you’re a C-Suite executive within a multinational corporation, you can expect tenacious, knowledgeable and innovative legal guidance and valuable network connections that will protect and grow your business. Call our office to schedule an appointment or learn more about our firm.

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Tarshus Law Firm can help you build and maintain the infrastructure for a successful business. Call 716-745-6225 to get started today.

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