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Strong Contract Negotiation And Drafting In Order To Protect Your Business

Business contracts, much like all contracts, are written in a legally dense language that may not make the terms initially apparent. Having a lawyer on your side who can draft and review contracts helps ensure that your business interests are protected and you are not signing any of your rights away.

At Tarshus Law Firm, we understand how business owners think and operate when it comes to contracts. While it may be easy to just sign or create and move on, business owners need to focus on the future success of the business and how the contract will affect the business. Our firm offers confidential, confident contract services to any size business.

Our attorney, Andrea A. Tarshus, Esq., is tenacious and staunch negotiator who can be flexible and adaptable when the situation calls for it. She leads our firm in providing innovative solutions for our clients while making room for the growth of their businesses.

Detail-Oriented Contract Drafting

When a contract is being drafted, it is important to consider all aspects of the situation. This includes anticipating future needs as well as addressing current situations. Our firm tailors each contract to meet the needs of the situation it is designed to address. Whether the contract involves vendor stipulations, monetary arrangements or other details, we work to ensure that the contract is focused and specific while minimizing the risk of contract disputes.

Negotiating The Terms Of A Contract

When a contract does not meet your needs, it is important to not just accept it as is. Our firm can negotiate the terms of the contract, going back and forth with the other party until both sides agree on the terms of the contract.

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