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Client Success Stories

Business Formation

After spending months doing business under the radar, a client asked Tarshus Law Firm to implement the proper legal foundation to legitimize the business, including forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), drafting internal governance documents, creating employee and independent contractor agreements, and drafting a template customer agreement.  Tarshus Law Firm worked closely with the client and her accountant to develop an effective tax strategy for business income and expenses (write-offs).  Tarshus Law Firm was able to unburden the client from the overhanging cloud of doubt that her business was not being run properly, and with that confidence, the client recently invested in a marketing program and has scaled operations.

Contract Drafting

Tarshus Law Firm represented a large publicly traded corporation in the drafting of its internal distribution and marketing Agreements.  Tarshus Law Firm designed a creative document legal structure for the company including relevant Schedules for the Agreements which outlined the various arms of the company’s operations.  As a result, the company closed over two hundred contracts in one year, and now captures six figures of marketing revenues annually.


A client was asked to sign a Non-Competition Agreement after giving his two weeks’ notice to his employer to start his own business.  After careful review, Tarshus Law Firm identified several key provisions of the Agreement which would prevent the client from launching his business in his geographic location, assign the rights in any Intellectual Property he developed over the next two years to the employer, and prevent him from working with previous valuable industry contacts.  Attorney Andrea A. Tarshus fiercely negotiated on the client’s behalf and reached an agreement with the employer which allowed the client to successfully begin his business.

Women-Owned Business Status

A client wanted his wife to take over as majority owner of his commercial real estate business so they could pursue Women-Owned Business Status, opening them up to eligibility for large state funded projects.  Attorney Andrea A. Tarshus worked with the client to restructure the company’s legal entity, governance documents, and tax liabilities so the company could successfully pursue accreditation.

Partnership Liability

Tarshus Law Firm represented a large corporation that wanted to branch off a portion of its operations under a separate legal structure.  One of the co-owners of the business was concerned that her partner’s personal marriage troubles, debt, and liabilities would cloud the ability of the new business to attract investors and put the company at risk.  Tarshus Law Firm negotiated a strong Buy-Sell Agreement for the partners which insulated the company from liability and risk, allowing the new enterprise to launch successfully and safely.

A husband and wife going through a divorce contacted Tarshus Law Firm to separate their commercial real estate enterprise into a partnership.  Tarshus Law Firm assisted with drafting a concrete Operating Agreement for the business to address important aspects of the operations including allocations and distributions, voting rights, member rights and responsibilities, dispute resolution, and other critical clauses.  With our help, the clients were able to effectively continue doing business together with duties and obligations clearly defined, and liability curtailed.

NYS Compliance

A client reached out to Tarshus Law Firm for assistance with compliance with NYS employer rules and regulations, including anti-sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training.  Tarshus Law Firm performed a thorough risk analysis, compiled a quick checklist of compliance solutions, and worked with the client to quickly implement the new protocols to achieve compliance.

Standard Operating Procedures

Fed up with the number of employees exhibiting a lack of respect for workplace expectations, a client asked Tarshus Law Firm to draft a handbook of NYS compliant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Tarshus Law Firm met with the client to discuss expectations and goals, drafted comprehensive language to cover various aspects of employee responsibilities, duties, and obligations, and administered training on the new SOPs to the employees.  Tarshus Law Firm also implemented an annual re-training and employee attestation program for the client to effectively stay on top of evolving NYS rules and regulations on regular annual basis.

Non-Conforming Product Issue

Tarshus Law Firm worked tirelessly and fiercely negotiated on behalf of a client to secure a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for the shipment of six figures worth of unwanted inventory.