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    Looking for a business lawyer to help you with your small business, large corporation, or take on the role of general counsel?

    Attorney Andrea Tarshus has worked with multiple businesses spanning from local startups to large international corporations. Attorney Tarshus understands business and can give you legal guidance, make sure you are in compliance with local laws and regulations, draft and review your contracts and other legal documents, shepherd your business transactions, and advocate for your best interests. You can consider Attorney Tarshus to be an integral member of your C-suite, and draw upon her strengths as a logical problem-solver and negotiator in both legal and non-legal situations.


    Tarshus Law Firm has experience representing clients in a variety of industries: Audio-Visual (AV) Distribution, Transportation and Logistics, Social Media Influencer, Multimedia Production and Marketing, Business Consulting, Occupational Therapy Services, Medical Marijuana, Commercial Leasing, Real Estate Development, Urgent Care Operations, Health Care Compliance, and many others.


    Tarshus Law Firm provides a range of services beyond legal to help you execute strategic business growth.

    When you hire Attorney Tarshus, you gain access to her network of cultivated relationships with other industry experts.

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