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Cannabis Law in Erie and Niagara County

While the laws for doing business with cannabis, marijuana, and CBD products vary state by state, our Grand Island, NY based law firm is ready to help tackle the challenges involved with starting a business involved in cannabis production and distribution for medical or adult recreational use. As more U.S. states adopt acceptance for cannabis products, legal counsel is required to help these businesses grow. This is a unique area of law as is normally also involves regulatory compliance, real estate and land use, business formation, tax law, and even intellectual property. Our firm has assisted businesses and corporations with all facets of their business in Western New York and New York State and this area of the law is no different.

Recreational cannabis law is legal in New York State as of September 2021. New York has been building its legal cannabis program for several years. Prior to the new recreational programming, New York passed the Compassionate Care Act in 2014, to create a comprehensive medical marijuana program. With the addition of the recreational program, entrepreneurs and business owners have a wide variety of opportunities to enter the New York marijuana marketplace.

Whether this is your first foray into the medical marijuana industry or you’re looking for additional support, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team is familiar with several states’ medical marijuana regulations (aka “The Regs”) and application processes. We take the guesswork out of weeding through hundreds of pages of rules and requirements and provide you with a foolproof comprehensive project plan to help you and your team stay on track, reduce waste and expenses, and stay focused.

We’ve cultivated relationships with a rolodex of medical marijuana experts to expedite the partnership process. We’ll team you up with the right professionals to get your medical marijuana business operating smoothly from day one: Investors, Cultivators, Dispensary Agents, Security Staff, DEA/Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing Teams, Architects, Realtors, Project Management Groups, Security Equipment Companies, Laboratory Technicians, Lobbyists and Administrative Staff.

Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Professionals Getting Sound Business Advice

We aren’t your typical marijuana industry legal consultants. We roll up our sleeves and guide you through the entire marijuana license application process to make your application strong. We’ve done it all before: forming legal entities, drafting business plans, raising investor capital, lobbying, perfecting financials, securing vendors and equipment, negotiating contracts, working with architects, securing real estate, hiring personnel, crafting policies and procedures, conducting employee training, logo/graphics and website design, performing risk assessments and audits, and everything in-between.

As marijuana and CBD continue to evolve as a profitable industry, businesses involved in recreational or medical marijuana startup, distribution, retail, and medical sales should seek legal counsel to know all the risks and laws involved in the sale of these products. Our firm has worked with businesses engaged in the production of CBD and cannabis products, including vaporizer pens, oils, creams, pills, tinctures, and more.

Tarshus Law Firm utilizes our experience in real estate (lease and contract negotiation), corporate and commercial law, regulatory compliance, and business formation to help entrepreneurs and large business that are early adopters in this budding industry.

Andrea Tarshus is here to help with:

  • Applying for licenses as a cannabis grower or distributor
  • Applying for marijuana licenses in multiple states
  • Assistance with raising capital
  • Assistance with business planning and formation
  • Assistance with purchase/sale of property for growth and production or lease negotiation
  • Creation of non-compete agreements
  • Advising on retail alternative medicinal businesses (CBD products)
  • Assisting both landlords and tenants with commercial real estate matters involving cannabis or cannabis-like products
  • Advising clients on employment issues arising with wider spread use of cannabis products

Call Tarshus Law Firm today to schedule a consultation to talk about your cannabis law business plan and ensure that you are protected and ready to operate for business and distribution of your products. We are here to help with the experience that matters for the long term success of your business.