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    Your best opportunity to protect yourself, your business, and your assets occurs during the contract negotiation process. This is the most critical stage of forming any business relationship. If business owners aren't careful, and sign a contract without ensuring that it adequately protects their best interests, they could experience tremendous disadvantage, or find themselves stuck in a bad situation long-term.

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    About Tarshus Law Firm

    Tarshus Law Firm represents Western New York and Buffalo based businesses as well as large international and publicly traded corporations. Attorney Tarshus provides efficient, accessible, and fair General Counsel legal services to businesses and business owners in audio video ("AV"), products distribution, transportation and logistics, medical marijuana, marketing, social media, healthcare, and other sectors. Attorney Tarshus understands the nuances of these industries, and utilizes her experience representing businesses across multiple channels to creatively solve problems for her clients.

    Tarshus Law Firm's engagement with businesses regularly includes negotiating and executing favorable contracts, legal research and writing, project management, administering internal legal and operational controls, problem-solving, and strategizing. Attorney Tarshus enjoys working with business owners, C-suite executives, and company managers to create a comprehensive legal and business framework that supports operational efficiencies and strategies for growth.

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    Andrea streamlined our legal process and implemented a legal framework to manage our relationships with our more than 200 manufacturer partners. We were highly impressed with her knowledge and work product. Her guidance is invaluable, and she has consistently protected the company's best interests. She is a skilled business leader, business partner and attorney. Her contributions consistently exceed expectations!

    Jeff W., Stampede Global

    Andrea was quick and efficient at forming our LLC, drafting our Operating Agreement and filing all of the necessary paperwork. We appreciate her valuable insight concerning business formation. Andrea is responsive, creative, fairly priced and a valued member of our external team.

    Tim C. & Claire C., The Reds Group Strategic Services, LLC

    We have always been very happy with the services we receive from Tarshus Law Firm. Andrea is quick, professional, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

    Gregory T.


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